Lifetime Career Assistance

We help our alumni kickstart their tech career in every way!

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We help you with:
1. Create your personal brand
2. Strong Networking
3. Personalised assistance
4. Mock Interviews
5. Curated Job Feeds
6. Communication Enhancement
Create your
personal brand
Learning how to write code can be quite the adventure, but making a career out of it seems daunting for many aspiring developers. After all, it’s not just an employer who chooses you, it’s also you who chooses the job. This is precisely where our in-house career team comes in. We have one singular mission: to help you personalize your professional journey.

Our experts will prep for interviews, but the silver lining here is helping you build your personal brand. Our regular career sessions help you identify your unique strengths and showcase them well.

Build a strong
network for life
At SOAL, you collaborate with other like-minded individuals and make them a part of your circle for life. Our community is a thriving ecosystem of product engineers working for some of the best tech companies worldwide.

A community that will always be there for you; a community that will always teach you. But most importantly, it’s a community that will help you become the future disruptor that you are meant to be. We figure out career progress together.

Get personal and
lifetime assistance
The learning never stops at SOAL, even after you’ve stepped into the real world. So when we say lifetime assistance, we really mean lifetime assistance. That means we offer career mentoring even after you’ve left, share opportunities in new companies, provide the necessary prep for negotiations, and also give easier access to new programs.

Like we say, the help doesn’t stop the moment you walk out of our doors. It works towards helping you open multiple doors in the future.

Mock interviews as good
as the real ones
Remember that your first interview will always tank. But the more interviews you give, the more you improve. SOAL takes your goals of initiating you into the real world very seriously. We have multiple mock interview sets, so that when you actually land that real one, you’d create the impression that no company can ever forget.

And just like that, you’d get the call back of your dreams.

Curated jobfeeds
tailored for you
Sometimes finding the perfect job is more difficult than mastering the art of writing code. When do you find a job? Where do you find a job? How do you find a job? But the real question when searching jobs isn’t the ‘How much will I make?’, it is ‘Which problems do I want to solve?”. At SOAL, we bring the focus of a job-search back on you and the kind of problems you are excited to solve.

Enhance your
communication skills
While programmers are working with machines, the software you build is entirely decided by people - your customers, other developers on the team, and managers. Programming is a people’s job, and people need to communicate. Being a great programmer might mean knowing the right language and tools, but if you possess the ability to communicate your ideas clearly and empathetically, then you possess something that is nearly as valuable as programming skills.

From guiding you throughout your resume to upgrading your soft skills, think of it as brushing up the front-end to your back-end stack of skills.

Change occurs one step at a time. Begin yours Today.