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Product Engineerin

Learn to Code with our Full-Stack Development Course. Completely Online with Full Time and Part Time options.
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Product Design

Learn Fundamentals of Design and specialize in UI/UX or Service Design tracks. Completely Online offered Full Time.
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SOAL's learning programs in Technology & Design are power-packed with core milestones 🏁,
live learning breakouts ⚒️, real world projects 🌏 and workplace skills 🤝 for career-long success.




Hiring Partners

25 LPA

Highest Salary


Upfront Fee

You Learn Everything, Differently.

Real-World Projects

Tackle Milestones to Level Up

Every milestone is a skill-focused version of real world problems. Learn to use multiple concepts, frameworks & software to solve & skill, on the go.

Industry Mentorship

Follow the Role-Models

Pursue a program curated by the leaders of the tech industry. Learn skills that the likes of Amazon, Uber, Microsoft, and others think you should.

Assured Jobs

Fail. Improvise. Overcome

All you have to do is put in your best effort. Follow SOAL’s proprietary Loop of Learning that accelerates you from zero to pro.

Self-Paced Curriculum

10+ Real World Projects

24x7 Live Support

Personall Skill Assessments

Java ScriptReactJSjQueryMongoDBNodeJSgithubAWS

Big Names Hire SOAL Graduates

top tech companies

DELTA: The Ultimate Platform for Learning

Think of it as a gym for your mind- the all in one place where you come to build skills. Delta is designed to super-charge your learning experience and support you throughout your journey of the program.


Study Resources

Access a variety of learning resources such as videos, articles, podcasts, quizzes, and more on DELTA.


Skill-Based Learning

Apply what you learn by working on challenges, building products, using the sandbox, and reviewing your work all at one place.


Collaborative Workspace

Build real-world products and portfolio, show off your work with your progress, connect with fellow peers, and follow your career goals.


AI Buddy

Ask questions, brainstorm ideas, or jam with exclusive access to your personalised AI Mentor and guide.


Learn to Rewire, Grasp & Think Differently

📝 Understand the program in full depth & develop the industry POV.
🔀 Absorb the processes that will shape your journey with SOAL & beyond.
🍕We're big fans of a sporty community culture - Hop into our discord to discover the shared values & expectations from one another that make SOAL awesome!🤝Take the Learner Handshake Pledge to make the most of your learning journey at SOAL.

Get Curious, Explore & Absorb

Learning Competencies: Build fundamentals & start by exploring the rabbit hole of bits and bytes.
Reading Syntax, Data Structures + Functions, Web Page Design, Code Management, Design Patterns in JS & Chrome extensions.

Technology Stack:
Git + GitHub Terminal + Bash, Command Line Interface, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery & Chrome extension API

Success Skills:
Metacognition, Communication, Collaboration & Conflict Management.

Choose A Path of Expertise

Learning Competencies: 
Deep dive and gain proficiency in technologies that define modern software craftsmanship. To champion product engineering a.k.a. web development you choose to super focus on either Frontend or Backend. Based on the path of expertise you choose, you will be trained in specific skills, languages, tools & frameworks.

Frontend Development Tech Stack: React, Redux, Module bundlers, Advanced CSS, etc.
Backend Development Tech Stack: NodeJs, ExpressJS, MongoDB, service workers, caching, etc.

Success Skills: Growth Mindset, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Questioning, Critical Thinking & Community Contribution.


Enter the Seasoned Web Developer Mode

Explore newer technologies and topics as you evolve into a self-learning Product Engineer.
Cross Platform Interfacing, Native Interfacing [iOS + Android].
Decoupled Apps, Behaviour Driven Development, Relational Databases, Working With WebSockets

Frontend Development Tech Stack: React Native (for mobile applications) and Electron (for desktop applications)
Backend Development Tech Stack: Web Servers, Docker, WebSockets and AWS

Success Skills
: Inner Critic, Design Thinking, Identifying & Overcoming Biases

From Idea to a Benchmarked Product

This is the Capstone Phase: You design, develop and deploy your own Capstone Product - all the way from ideation stage to the final product. Now that's what we call a Product Engineer in the making! What's best? Your project is evaluated by an industry mentor panel.

: In addition to the tech stack your product idea uses, you also deep dive into Agile Workflow, Iterative Development, User Stories & User Flow.

Success Skills: Team collaboration, Project Management, Visual Representation & Story-telling, Handling Failures.


SOAL Programs are build to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

Built for Growth

Don't get settled with just a good first job- aim higher. Our graduates see an average of 2.5x salary growth even beyond their first job after SOAL.

A Great Portfolio

Proof of skills make the biggest difference to real world hiring managers & interviewers. You build 12 real-life, robust web applications from scratch and create a portfolio that gets you picked in a sea of job applicants on the market.

Guaranteed Job & Alumni Perks

You get Mentor Support & Career Assistance on demand, for lifetime. You get privileged access to the SOAL community that streches across the globe.

Curated from the real experiences of experts
who work everyday in Top Tech Companies.

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Media Net

Tuition Cost & Aid

One Time Fee

₹ 34,999

₹ 14,999
• Scholarships available
• EMI Plans starting ₹999/- per month
• 12 month access to DELTA
• Lifetime access to SOAL alumni community

Income Based Fee

₹ 20,000
• Don't pay anything more until you get a job
• Minimum salary: ₹ 4,00,000/- LPA
• 15% of Salary for 3 years
• Only for full-time students

Fixed Fee

₹ 1,94,999

₹ 1,74,999
• Scholarships upto ₹ 50,000/- available
• Plans starting ₹ 7,500/- per month
• 12 month interest fee EMIs
• Lifetime Career Assistance

Scholarships at SOAL

Scholarships of upto ₹ 5,000/-
We empower and encourage candidates from different backgrounds to pursue their dream careers. If you fall under any of these categories, our Admissions team will be able to help you financing this program with our scholarships:
Women in Tech Scholarship:
For women aiming to break barriers and shine in the technology sector.
Upskill Pro
For working professionals desiring to enhance their tech skills and stay ahead of the curve.
First Job
Designed to support freshers and final year students looking to secure their first role in tech.
Career Switch
Tailored for individuals seeking to transition their career towards the tech/design field.

Hear from SOAL Learners

"Learning at SOAL is one of the best aspects of the program. The concept of Success Skills teaches you to master any new skill easily, something essential in the ever-changing tech industry."


"The ability to self learn was my biggest takeaway from SOAL. I can now learn any new technology from scratch on my own given enough time. The placement assistance provided is best."



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