School of Accelerated Learning™ is a parallel education institute aimed to transform our learners into
🍿 that combination is a recipe for success, we promise!

how to become a smart
  • Real life simulation for real life goals
    Which is why our campuses are at co-working spaces
  • Our educators are from real tech world
    Learn from the personal experience of the very best in the field
  • Think future. Build future.
    Learn the latest tools that most fast moving companies prefer.
  • Crowd source your growth.
    Our well-connected alumnus is always happy to help you grow (your ideas).
how to become a better
  • Spec before you code
    We enable future-first thinking to help you create future-first tech products
  • Pair programming for peer success.
    Learn with like-minded peers; collaborate over different problems.
  • Build habits as you build products.
    Build the habits of a leader. The world has too many followers.
  • Problem solving leads to career evolving
    They all have one core: to make you a master developer!

The School Of Accelerated Learning only has one motive: to build quality and relevant education in the tech world. We don’t believe in set theoretical curriculums or traditional classrooms, we believe in getting you ready for the future.

A future that’s disruptive. A future that’s fast. A future that’s agile. One that’s changing as you read this sentence. Every day, new skills are created, that are expected for careers that haven’t even been invented yet.

At SOAL, everyone (yes, including you) becomes a catalyst in shifting the tech ecosystem forward. We don’t just create leaders; we create the leaders for the future. This ‘One size fits all’ approach doesn’t work when you are poised to create the disruptors and change makers of tomorrow. When you are poised to create thought leaders and design thinkers.

Creativity, as they say, begins now. It begins in the classrooms of today, for the trendsetters of tomorrow.

And it begins right here at SOAL.

Pioneering Alternate Education
Pioneering Alternate Education
Learners at the heart of everything
Learners at the heart of everything
Project Based Learning
Project Based Learning
Change occurs one step at a time. Begin yours Today.