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What is SOAL
India’s first-ever Neo-Product school for millennials looking to build coding and design careers. Build technical mastery and habits that cultivate work-skills for the future.
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An Inclusive school for All
If you're willing to learn, your marks or experience don't matter.
Pioneering Alternate Education
Pioneering Alternate Education
Learners at the heart of everything
Learners at the heart of everything
Project Based Learning
Project Based Learning
Skip the placement queues. Power the dev team of companies like
Write like a coder. Design like a creator. Think like a visionary. Live like a tech guru.
See your ideas come to
life with tech.
Learn how to build and design real-life, robust web applications from scratch. At SOAL, strengthen your problem-solving intelligence and master the logic necessary to create scalable and agile tech solutions.
Dial C for collaboration.
Dial C for community.
Collaborate with a kickass team of like-minded developers, designers and adopt the working mantras followed by a majority of successful startups.
You don’t just learn,
you meta-learn.
At SOAL, you take charge of how you learn. Start with learning how to compete with yourself and become faster, smarter, better with each passing day. Here you build intelligence that helps you become an accelerated learner for life.
What gives SOAL some soul?
we’re all about the “NEW-AGE LEARNING”
We don’t believe in <br /> traditional classrooms.
We don’t believe in
traditional classrooms.
Forget desks and blackboards, we take learning right to the heart of where you see yourself in the future: at the workplace. Think of our hyper-realistic workplace simulations as the classroom of the 21st century.
Connections that <br/> last a lifetime.
Connections that
last a lifetime.
Find your tribe and an extensive support system in our well-connected network of alumni. Help is always available in the SOAL community, and it’s only a mentor away.
Our educators are <br/> also industry experts.
Our educators are
also industry experts.
Learn the art straight from the most sought-after professionals in the field. Real lessons for real-world problems that need to be solved.
Live-Interactive Learning
Live-Interactive Learning
Get access to global experts, live interactive classrooms & everything else that you need. Accelerate your life right from the comfort of your home.
Don’t spend years on what can be achieved in months. Complete our programs in less than 6 months.
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SOAL learners take on challenges and like to solve them independently. Their first version is always an MVP, which they later build out. Lastly, they work hard and stretch themselves, which is especially important for startups.
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